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Have a breath of fresh air and a splash of colour!

Posted on June 15 2016

Air pollution, traffic noises, grey weather… All these are familiar to city-dwellers. The grey weather though, is something that possibly resonates more with Londoners. These are some things that contribute to stress, besides busy work day or sardine packed trains. Unfortunately, these anxiety-provoking factors are unavoidable. However, there is always a way to take a break and distract yourself for a short while. 

When you find yourself needing a little distraction, why not discover a new culture?! If you aren’t already familiar with Malaysia and its landscapes, traditions and colours, you’ll be amazed at how intriguing it could be.

Penang Kek Lok Si Temple night lights

Transport yourself to the world of Baba Nyonya, who once was a subgroup within Chinese communities brimming with glory. They are a colourful bunch, one that’s been influenced through intermarriage and settling locally in South East Asia. Their clothes are colourful and intricate; their food’s amazing you can actually smell the complex aroma just by looking at the pictures. Discover more and be inspired by the stories. Their legacy is worth learning about.

Here at Nonamu, we have created pieces that brings you back to where this all started, with the customs, celebrations and traditions carefully crafted into each designs. Learn more about ‘porcelain of the world’ here or be tempted by the beautiful Porcelain collection of pure silk scarves, hand finished here in England.


Written by Romane Mangeolle and edited by APY

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