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Dine | Sosharu, London, UK

Posted on June 04 2016

The first time I've encountered Jason Atherton's cooking was when he was Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay's Michelin starred restaurant, Maze. Then next was when he opened Pollen Street Social in 2011, just before he received a Michelin star. It was a concept that I thoroughly enjoyed, one with attention to details. 

So this year when he opened Sosharu, a Japanese izakaya-styled restaurant, it was on top of the must visit list. First impression of the restaurant was light and open with natural light brightening up the space. Yet it felt intimate with casting shadows from the Japanese styled wooden dividers. Then there were friendly greetings from reception through to the restaurant and kitchen. 

Assortment of sashimi

Smoked Octopus with seaweed salad

Hibachi grill scallop

The food continued to impress us with the cherry blossom cured salmon with tosazu jelly, assortment of sashimi, smoked octopus with seaweed salad, scallops from the hibachi grill, and chicken yakitori rice pot with slow cooked egg. The most memorable besides our warm sake, was the two desserts. Matcha kakigori with azuki bean paste and mochi was fun and exciting Whereas the white sesame cake with chocolate and soy caramel was pure indulgence. A perfect way to end a meal!

Matcha kakigori with azuki bean paste, mochi - green tea

White sesame cake with chocolate and soy caramel

Do remember to visit the girls and boys room. They brought in the infamous Japanese loo experience that comes with multiple buttons, warm seat and remote control. This little visit also lets you discover the basement '7 Tales' cocktail bar, a feel of night time in Tokyo. Another reason to return to Sosharu. 

7 Tales cocktail bar

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