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Why are eggs and bunnies associated with Easter?

Posted on March 21 2016

Eggs and rabbits have been a symbol and tradition of Easter for centuries. But why eggs and why rabbits? The best way to understand this is to tell you about Easter as a celebration and what happens prior to this day.

Decorative face painting easter eggs

What is Easter?

Easter is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Prior to Easter, Christians practice a 40 days lent, a fasting period where they are abstained from any animal produce. Prior to the first day of lent also known as Ash Wednesday, Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day is celebrated. In some places, Shrove Tuesday is also called Mardi Gras, a carnival day of indulgence before the fasting begins. Eggs at home were used up to make pancakes. 


Easter Eggs

Eggs symbolise new life and new beginning, said to represent Jesus' resurrection. 

Easter Bunnies

Rabbits give birth to a big litter early spring therefore they represent rebirth, fertility and spring, signifying the resurrection of Jesus around the start of spring. 

Easter at Nonamu Studio

Here at the Nonamu studio, we had lots of fun decorating eggs with faces and dressing them up! You still have time to do the same. Just get some eggs and coloured marker pens then start drawing. 

Painted Easter Egg Face with Nonamu white silk scarf 


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